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LEED Online

Streamline your LEED project management experience,
organize your work, and engage with your whole team.

Now available for LEED v4 and LEED 2009 projects.

LEED Online—your LEED project workspace.

All Your Projects
in One Place

Whether your project contains one or multiple buildings, find all of your LEED projects in one place.

in 3-2-1

Fill out your project details, sign the agreement, and enter your payment information. It’s that simple.


Project team members have access to every single credit. No more credit assignments.

Auto-Save To
the Finish Line

LEED Online saves in the background while you work, so you don’t have to worry about losing your progress.


Access to forms, uploads, comments and credit language directly from the scorecard.

View Progress and
Stay On Track

Your project timeline gives an overview of all the steps of the process. Get a real-time snapshot of your progress.

Take a Closer Look at LEED Online

Start your project off right.

The three-step process makes registering your project quick and easy. 

Fill in your project information, sign the certification agreement, and pay the registration fee. No hassle.

Keep track, credit by credit.

Your project scorecard is the best way to stay on top of credits attempted, under review, and earned.

You'll also see forms, comments and actual credit language for each credit along with its up-to-the-minute review status.

Get the team together.

Add each member of your project team and assign them a unique role on the project.

The best part? By connecting their USGBC.org account, their credential information will be automatically connected.

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