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Formal Inquiries

General Information
Submitting a Formal Inquiry
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General Information

Formal Inquiries allow project teams to obtain technical guidance on how LEED requirements - Minimum Program Requirements, Prerequisites and Credits - pertain to their projects.  The two Formal Inquiry options are Project CIRs (Credit Interpretation Rulings) and LEED Interpretations .

Project CIR   

   LEED Interpretation

   Applicable to only one project  
Not published  
3-4 week turn-around time  
Reviewed by GBCI   
Initial fee   

   Applicable to multiple projects
   Published in online database
   3-6 month turn-around time
   Reviewed by USGBC
   Additional fee


Submitting a Formal Inquiry 

Access the Formal Inquiries page using the Formal Inquiries tab in LEED Online.  You'll notice a different user interface.  Please excuse us!  We're working on a new user interface.

1.  From the LEED Formal Inquiries page, you can submit new inquiries and check the status of old ones.


2.  If your inquiry is part of a registered LOv3 project, select the corresponding project from the drop down menu before pressing Next.

3.  If your inquiry is independent of a registered project, once you press Next, you will have to provide a Project Name and select a rating system.


4.  Choose whether or not to opt for a LEED Interpretation.  For additional details on LEED Interpretations, see the More Information section.

 5.  Choose a Minimum Program Requirement, Prerequisite or Credit.

6.  Type your inquiry - include as much essential background information as necessary in order for the ruling to be applied.  All language you provide will be published in the online LEED Interpretations and Addenda Database

7.  Proceed with payment - credit or check.  When all required fields are filled out, press Submit to confirm payment.

8.  Once you're back to the Formal Inquiries listing page, clicking the Inquiry Number will let you view inquiry details and appeal a ruling.

Contact Us

For questions regarding Formal Inquiries, please contact GBCI.

For questions regarding LEED Interpretations, please contact USGBC.

If you're experiencing problems using the Formal Inquiries page in LEED Online, let us know through the Feedback button in LEED Online.

More information

LEED Interpretations:
    LEED Interpretations and Addenda Database (USGBC.org)
    LEED Interpretations FAQs (.pdf)
    LEED Interpretations Guidance Document (.pdf)

Project CIRs:
    Project CIR Information page (GBCI.org)

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