Registration & Personal Information

To register an account, first go to the LOv3 login page.  Then, under the 'Get Started' section, select 'Register New Account.'  You will be asked to provide optional and required information.  Once your person account is verified through a confirmation email, the created account can be used on both USGBC and GBCI websites.


The information provided in this section of LEED Online v3 should be kept updated as it is used as a source of communication between that person and CBs, USGBC, and GBCI.  Also, LOv3 uses account information to automatically populate fields when registering a project or completing forms.

'your account'

Personal profile features

Allows users to provide Licensed Professional, LEED Accredited Professional, and USGBC Member information

Automatically populates fields where personal information is requested (example:  LEED AP requirements in ID/IOc2 are linked to Your Account)

Ability to update outdated email address without having to access email account


professional information in the 'your account' section

Note: Changes made to Your Account information in LEED-Online are automatically applied to your and site user accounts.


See ‘Licensed Professional Exemption.’

Order History

All orders submitted in LEED Online v3 by a user can be found in this section of LOv3.  Transactions include fees for project registration, certification, and CIRs; for questions regarding orders, contact GBCI.  Order status is indicated as open, closed or cancelled.


Note: Order History within LEED Online will only display payments for transactions within LEED Online. Go to > Your Account, for order history related to workshops, reference guides, etc., or for information related to LEED AP exams.



order history


 Reset password:

To reset a lost or forgotten password, click the prompt below the login boxes at the log-in screen.

reset password at login screen

Here, you will provide your email address and click 'Reset Password.'  The system will automatically send password reset instructions to that email address; if you do not receive the email, check your junk mail folder and submit a feedback comment if you continue to not receive it.


Change password:

To change the password of an existing site user account:

1) Log in with user account email address and password.

2) Go to 'Your Account at the top right of the page.

change password through 'your account' link

 3) Go to the 'Change Password' tab.

4) Complete the boxes and click 'Change Password.'